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Here I Am

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[Personal ] 12 July, 2007 09:04

David VitterSen. David Vitter, R.-La, supporting a federal ban on gay marriage:

"It's often said, but it's very, very true,
and it is worth repeating -- marriage is truly
the most fundamental social institution in
human history."

OK so if it's that great, why would you employ the services of an escort???

Also, ironically, the quote above could easily be attributed to someone who is for gay marriage. Strange how the same phrase can be used to justify both sides of the argument.

[General , Personal ] 01 May, 2007 15:04

I just got back from lunch and here's a pic I took on my car's thermometer. Of course, my car had been sitting out for a while, but still...

The temp guage in my car. May 1st, 2007, 1:35 PM

[Life , Personal ] 28 March, 2007 12:52

Well, it's been almost a month in the new apartment. After the first few days of sleeping on an air mattress, my back started bothering me. I wasn't sleeping well, so I went and bought a new mattress. I still have to get the frame that I want from Ikea. My room still needs some more furniture, but a lot of my stuff is unpacked.

Last weekend, I bought a couch. It's surprising how much more homey it feels with that one piece of furniture.

What else is new...? Hmmm... Well, I've just been busy with getting the apartment together, work, hanging out with friends, etc. Things are good. One pain in the ass did surface last weekend though. My car started making a nasty grinding noise when I brake. So I will be taking my car in this weekend, which sucks. Frown

[Life , Personal ] 23 February, 2007 19:27

Hey everyone,

I've been super busy lately and haven't really been in the mood to post anything here. But I think I'm gonna start doing so once again.


[General , Life , Personal ] 16 November, 2006 12:40

So, on Thursday, I had a date to go out with Alibi with a guy I had been interested in. We'd been talking online off and on for 2 years, and I'd met him once at Alibi, which didn't go too well, cuz I didn't remember his name... Since then we had talked online several more times, and I convinced him to hang out with me. lol

Jason came over on Thursday and we hung out at the house for a little bit before going to Alibi. I was having a really good time there, and saw a lot of people I knew. While we were there, Jason was talking about going to Wrangler's on Saturday. He asked me if I was gonna go, I said maybe. Then he asked how he could turn my maybe into a yes, I thought that was pretty sweet. So I did say yes... I saw Nick, who gave me a hug and was all friendly to me, even though we hadn't spoken on good terms since June. Jason spent the night, and we slept most of the day, since both of us had off for Veteran's day. We drank coffee and talked. Jason ripped a contact, so he went home.

I was in a really good mood, cuz we had hit it off, and it's been a while since that happened. I cleaned out my car and hung out around the house. We texted back and forth, and decided that we'd both eat, shower, etc. and then meet up later on to do something.

We eventually decided on going to Chambers, and Jason drove over to my house again. We watched a dvd and hung out before going out. Joe texted me and asked what there was to do on a Friday night. I told him we were going to Chambers, and he called and said he wanted to go. I offered him some gas money if he'd pick us up. He showed up, all late, as usual. His boyfriend was with him, so I introduced myself and Jason and we headed out.

[General , Life , Personal ] 20 October, 2006 11:52

I recently ordered a new processor/motherboard combo. For some reason I didn't catch that it didn't come with a CPU fan. When I got my package in the mail yesterday, I realized I needed to go get one. I could've ordered online, and paid shipping, etc, but, well, I really wanted to hook everything up and use my much faster computer...

I had planned on going after work yesterday to shop for Robert's birthday present with Shane. The only place I could get a CPU fan was at CompUSA in Clearwater. So, I picked up Shane and work and we drove together up to Clearwater. I had no problem getting what I needed at CompUSA. I love that store, I wish there was one closer to my house. Best Buy doesn't carry CPU fans (or a lot of things, for that matter), and IMHO is overpriced...

We got Robert's presents at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Walking in the door I had flashbacks from when I worked for one day at the one in Pittsburgh. I hadn't stepped foot in one since then. What a horrible job...

On the way home, I dropped Shane back at his car. Once I got home, I promptly started disassembling my computer in preparation for the new parts. Once everything was put back together, I plugged it in, and started it up... Nothing happened. :( I realized that I needed to upgrade my power supply. It wasn't providing enough power to the motherboard.

So, I ordered that today and will be, **Gasp**, without a computer for the weekend. I'll live.

[Life , Personal , News/Opinion ] 20 September, 2006 17:14

On August 26th, I dropped off some photos at Walgreen's. I had never taken them there before, and I usually don't ever use regular film cameras. It was close to my house, so I figured I'd give it a shot. How bad could it be. The answer: bad.

WalGhettoI went back the next day to pick up my one hour photos. They weren't done. Strange. Their machine was broken, they offered me $5 off, which was fine. I then called the next day, and they told me the machine was fixed, only did one roll, and they would call me when my photos were ready. I proceeded to call every day on my lunch break until I went on vacation.

So I go to PA for a week and a half, get back and no one had called me. Still... So on Monday I went in and picked them up. I didn't look at them until I got back to my house, but was disappointed to see that they had printed all of my pictures as panoramas. None of them were supposed to be panoramic. It was Advanced Photo System film, which let's you choose the format of the printed picture.

The photo CD and index print were missing also. So on Tuesday I took the photos back. I simply wanted my money back. They had messed them up so bad, I just wanted to take them elsewhere. The gentleman assisting me in the photo department had no clue what he was talking about. I tried to explain to him about the 3 picture formats, and showed him how the tops and bottoms of most of my pictures were cut off. He just told me that they were supposed to be like that, and also told me that there was no way for them to make a photo CD using the APS machine.

I've never had problems like that anywhere trying to get film developed. Thank God for digital cameras, right. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend going to Walgreens to process film. If they can mess up what is an almost completely automatic process, then they don't need my business. haha

Anyways, so I took them to CVS, and they did a beautiful job. Yay!

[Life , Personal ] 18 September, 2006 15:34

So, I'm in kind of a surly mood today. There are a couple reasons...

Last Thursday, I went out to Alibi with Joe and his friend. I had a good time there. While I was there, a guy came up to me. I didn't recognize him, but he said hi to me and was really friendly. Until I told him I had no idea who he was. He said we'd been talking for 2 days and I should know his name. I didn't. I think he got offended when I had no clue who he was. He said well, if you figure out who I am, come talk to me. So, it did eventually occur to me who he was. But, first of all, I wouldn't recognize him from his pictures online, he was cuter in person. Secondly, I never did ask his name and it's not apparent from his screen name, like mine is. Third, he could've just introduced himself, it woulda made it a lot easier. Also, I was very drunk.

Anyways, now he won't talk to me anymore. I talked to him on Saturday, and he was really rude, and I attempted to talk to him today, to no avail. Blah, it sucks because I did enjoy talking to him and wish I had a chance to get to know him, he seemed like a pretty nice guy.

On Friday, Shane drove Austin and I to Chambers. I had a really good time there. It was really packed; more people than I have seen there in a long time.

On Saturday, Shane and I went to Chili's. I called Joe to see if he wanted to meet us there, because he had just gotten off work, and he said he wanted to hang out after that. He said he wasn't hungry, but he would meet us anyways. We waited and waited for Joe, only to find out that he had gone to the wrong Chili's. I called him and he got really pissy with me, so I told him not to bother. We finally got the waitress and told her that we weren't waiting for another person, and that we were gonna order.

Joe did end up joining us at Chili's when we were ready to leave, ate some of my food, and kept going on and on about how hungry he was. After that we went to the mall and shopped around, which is an annoying process with Joe. Everytime I'd pick something up, he'd say it was cheaper at Home Depot. So I ended up not buying anything I needed. Oh yeah, and then Joe broke a brand new neon light I had bought for my car. No apology, no offer to fix or replace it...

The evening, I didn't really feel like going out, but felt like I should go do something to celebrate my birthday. So after some debate, I decided that we should go to Alibi. Mike was offering to drive, but insisted that we take my car, as he poured himself a (mostly vodka) drink. So I had Shane drive.

We met Robert and Patrick there, who I was really glad to see. When it was time to leave, I told Mike and Joe that I was gonna go catch last call at GC with Patrick and Robert. I tried to say goodbye to Joe, because he said he was going to leave when we got home, but he kept walking. So when Patrick, Robert and I got to the house, Joe was still there for a little bit before he left for the evening.

Patrick, Shane, Robert and I left as Mike went to sleep. We went to Patrick and Robert's house, and I was finally able to enjoy myself in a drama free environment.

On Sunday, my birthday, I slept in, late. I called Joe when I woke up cuz he had sent me tons of messages. He started in on me calling me names and bringing me drama. On my fucking birthday. Excuse me; I think that I can hang out with whoever I please on my birthday, that means I have no obligation to do anything with you... Thanks... Especially after how he acted Saturday evening, why would I even want to?

[General , Life , Personal ] 15 September, 2006 17:35

So, I'm back in Florida. For the majority of my vacation/trip to Pennsylvania, I didn't have access to the internet. Well, I could get online on my phone, but I wasn't about to blog from that, especially with the painfully slow connection I had up there... It really surprised me how no one I know has internet. Most everyone has computers though, which is a change from last year.

So it was an interesting trip, I drove up with my roommate in my old car, stressed out over finding a new car, visited with my family and friends, and then drove back to Florida in my new car. ;)

I definitely need to write more about it, but that will have to wait. For now I do have photos that you can see here.

I got back to the house on Tuesday evening. I didn't have to work Wednesday, so I slept literally all day. It was great. During my trip I never really got to sleep in or relax. :( Anyways, I spent the evening unpacking, organizing, etc. And then I took a trip to Wal*Mart with Shane, where I cracked out on car accessories. $90 later, I had all kinds of new crap to jazz up my car. Yay

Yesterday was my first day back at work. I'll have to admit, it was kind of odd. Today is number 2, and it's almost over. Yay. It's my birthday weekend, so I'm formulating lots of entertaining plans. :-D

[General , Life , Personal ] 23 August, 2006 16:31

Next week I'll begin the process of looking for a new car. I've been thinking about what I want in a car, or some models that I think I would like.

2005 Hyundai Tiburon  Hyundai Tiburon

Honda Civic


Toyota Solara


Volkswagon Passat


Nissan Maxima


[Life , Personal , News/Opinion ] 18 August, 2006 16:18

Cingular 8125So, I've had my new phone for a couple weeks now. I'm completely enamored by it.

For the most part, it does everything I want it to smoothly. The internet runs quickly and the chat program I downloaded works really well. My favorite feature of Agile Messenger is that you can use it to take a picture and send it to one of your online buddies. Or you can send a file from the phone's memory.

Memory is a slight issue though. I haven't yet received a 2GB miniSD card that I ordered from ebay. If you plan on installing games, videos, music, etc., plan on upgrading memory. I got a pretty good deal on the memory card. After conversion to GBP I believe it was around 60 USD. Not bad at all for a chip that's not even 1" x 1" and holds 2GB.

I had to, unfortunately, perform a hard reset on my device several days ago. While installing a program, something went wrong. Horribly wrong... My phone would no longer sync with any PC, nor would it let me install or remove any programs using Microsoft ActiveSync.

Resetting my phone to factory settings fixed the problem when nothing else would. Fortunately, everything was backed up... Except for my contacts. Yes, they were on the SIM card, but SIM cards only hold name/number combinations, not multiple phone numbers for contacts (home, work, cell, etc.), email addresses, pictures, etc. So I sent part of my contacts to myself via email as vcards (.vcf). This preserved everything except for the user picture.

I think in the future I'm going to export my contacts as vcards and store them in my ipod's contacts folder. I don't yet know of a program that will mass export an entire address book. It's kind of a pain to do these individually...

Also, I later found that on the HTC Wizard phone, the contacts, calendars, notes and tasks are stored in a file on the root of the file system called pim.vol. So copying that file before performing a hard reset would theoretically save your contact information. You need to rename the pim.vol file before you are able to move it. For some reason it allows you to rename it but not copy it from the phone to the PC...

[Life , Personal ] 18 August, 2006 15:19

Shit! I haven't posted in forever...

I've been busy lately, I suppose that's as good an excuse as any. I'm saving up for a new car, a trip to Pennsylvania... Hanging out with friends... Yeah, lots of exciting stuff.

Anyways, some friends of mine moved to Clearwater from Ohio 2 weeks ago. Well, I only knew Austin, but his roommates are cool. Shane and I have been spending a lot of time down there. 2 weekends ago we took them to Flirt. Flirt was a good time, but the night ended kinda badly... Kevin will be coming back this weekend, I'm kind of excited to see him again.

Other than the night going to Flirt, I really haven't done too much, I'm trying to be extremely frugal... I don't like it one bit. But I need to stop spending so much money! Joe and I did go to the outlet mall once last weekend, and I managed to only buy one item, a belt from Banana Republic.

Yesterday I had tickets for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays v. Toronto Blue Jays game. Having never been to a baseball game, I was pretty excited to go. Though I didn't know a thing about baseball, I figured it out pretty quick.

Last night I went to Georgie's Alibi, and met Robert there. He was with a friend, Patrick, who I'd met before, but couldn't remember exactly where... I had a really good time hanging out at Alibi. I hardly ever go there on Thursdays anymore, but I'm glad I did last night. They played some really good music, stuff I've never heard before.

[Life , Personal ] 24 September, 2005 19:49
So, last Sunday I went out to Alibi for a little while. I don't even remember what made me want to... I think I just wanted to get out of the house. I had fun though. It didn't go out on my birthday, so I think that may have had something to do with it. (More)
[Life , Personal ] 12 September, 2005 13:36
Well, I'm on my lunch break. On my drive home, I saw this really tall, black woman, who was totally not a real woman... It cracked me up. She was talking to herself and walking all stumbly... Long weekend, I guess. ;) (More)
[Life , Personal ] 11 September, 2005 20:26
Well, I'm listening to Portishead right now. I wish Mike had more of it though. You'd think with 10,000+ songs... Well, it's 9/11... It's a bad day anyways. I woke up and went to get in the shower, and Alix was crying in the bathroom. (More)
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