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Here I Am

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[Life ] 29 July, 2005 14:43
So, Nick and I went out last night to Alibi, which was fun, as usual. He had Thursday and Friday off of work. We went back to my house afterwards and had another drink. At some point, Nick started to say, oh, there's something I need to tell you, and trying to be all shy about it... (More)
[Life , Personal ] 26 July, 2005 16:49

Well, Mark called me late on Sunday night/ Monday morning. I guess it would've only been three there, it was a little past 5 here. I didn't even hear it ring, but he left a funny drunk dial message.

Then, around 10 on Monday morning, he called me, but I didn't answer it cuz I was working. He left me the cutest message. Argh. Why does he have to live so far away.

[Life ] 24 July, 2005 23:50

I went over to Nick's on Friday night and we watched part of Be Cool. Slept in a little bit on Saturday morning, came home, showered, got myself ready to go. Nick met me here and we went to International Mall. I brought my iBook to drop it off, but forgot how crazy the Apple store gets on the weekends. So no dice.

We shopped at Hollister, Abercrombie, Express, all over the place. Then we ate at TooJays. After Toojays we went to West Shore Mall and Nick bought some more stuff.

[Life ] 22 July, 2005 18:55

I went to Alibi last night. I had a lot of fun and danced my ass off. Today though I'm feeling like crap. I was awake too late last night and didn't get a whole lot of sleep.

Today at work, Nick text messaged me and asked if I wanted to go see the Backstreet Boys tomorrow. So he bought tickets for the two of us.


[Personal ] 20 July, 2005 03:22

Here is a cool website worth spending some time on.

CIA World Factbook

Select a country and get the CIA's full profile. Well, I'm sure it's not the FULL profile, but there's a lot of interesting info.


[Life ] 19 July, 2005 23:27
Well, I went out last Thursday with Nick and Shane. I drove, so I only had a little bit to drink. Mark was there, but preoccupied. Kevin also said hi, but was with his new boyfriend... Or something. (More)
[Life ] 13 July, 2005 20:32
Last night I went over to Nick's for a while for dinner. He made pasta and grilled some hamburgers. It was good, as usual. Then we walked out to the beach, cuz I've been to his house quite a few times, and have never walked past the dunes, so he wanted to show me. It was pretty cool. It was past sunset and the clouds were pink. There was lightning to the south. (More)
[Life ] 11 July, 2005 20:17

So, over the weekend, we had a hurricane scare. On Friday, Hurricane Dennis still looked like it could've done some damage. I ended up showering and then passing out on Friday night. I woke up early on Saturday. Mike came over to check on things. Basically the first thing I did was go to the liquor store. I realized we didn't have anything to drink. Even the beer supply was low. So Mike bought a large bottle of Captain Morgan's, and I bought a big thing of Shmirnoff vodka. We came back and made smoothies.


[Life ] 08 July, 2005 20:19
Well, I went out to Alibi last night. Shane didn't feel like coming out, so I met up with Mark. I was nervous that I would see Nick out, cuz I hadn't heard from him all week. As soon as I walked up to the door, I saw Nick and Cliff sitting at the table right by the door, like, unavoidable. Then I saw Mark to the right and started walking over to meet him. Nick yelled my name, so I turned around and said Hi as nonchalantly as I could. Yeah, and then excused myself to go get a drink, which is what I did. I stayed at Alibi until about 1:30. Kevin showed up late, and I Mark and I talked to him for a while.  (More)
[Life ] 04 July, 2005 19:35

Well, it's been a busy week. Thank god for three day weekends. On Thursday, after nearly 2 days of being on a bus, I picked Shane up at the Greyhound station in Tampa. He was exhausted and hadn't really slept, but after we got home and he had cleaned up, we went to Alibi. It was alright. Nick was tired, so he didn't go. Shane was tired, so we didn't stay long. Mark was there, so we danced for a while.


[Life ] 02 July, 2005 05:00

I moved to Florida a year ago today.


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