From: After The Rain

OK, so I live in St. Petersburg now. I'm gonna be here for a while though, I'm totally done with moving for a while. I was actually back in Pennsylvania for most of September, which wasn't too exciting. I did go to Pittsburgh once to hang out with Walter and everyone. I went for the weekend and ended up staying for a week... Also, Joe and I have some sort of reconciliation going on, which I have to admit is really quite confusing. But whatever. He graduated from school and moved down here on my birthday, so I see him every once in a while.

So Pennsylvania was depressing, and I'm really glad to be back. What else is new....? I've been watching a lot of movies lately, so here are some that I recommend: Taxi, The Day After Tomorrow, Frida, Shaun of the Dead.

I've started just putting new photos in my Yahoo photo album, which you can see here. Also, this site is being redesigned, so if there are any problems, just deal with it. :)