From: After The Rain

I finally got a job! I know I know... It's about time. Actually, I got a job at Bed Bath & Beyond and started that on Monday. I hated it though. So on Tuesday, I was sitting in my car trying to get myself prepared to go back in there, but I just couldn't. The wierd part is that that day I got 4 calls about jobs, which was like, a record. So I didn't go back. Is it shady of me to still expect a paycheck from them? Probably, but I am so poor right now.

So a place I had worked for before called me and wanted me to come in to work. So that's what I did Wednesday through Friday. I like it there. It is Einhorn Design. Much better than BB&B... They are also considering me for a permanent position, which would be really nice. I also had some other interviews on Friday, which hopefully will come through. I decided that if I get multiple offers, I will have to be a total capitalist, and take the one that will pay me the most.

OMG, another exciting thing that happened recently... I went to D.C. on the 4th for the NFL kickoff show. It was pretty cool, although my friend, Walt and I had to wait in the rain, standing up, for a really long time. Oh, and we were also really far away from the stage. The front was all V.I.P. seating for military personnel, which I thought was kinda lame, especially since it was mostly empty. But I got to see Mary J. Blige, and Britney you-know-who. We saw Good Charlotte too, but I kinda tuned them out... We left after Britney, so we missed Aerosmith and Aretha Franklin, who I really would've liked to have seen. But we had been standing there crowded in like cattle for hours and enough was enough... It was cool though. I had fun, and that's what counts, right?