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Here I Am

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[Politics ] 09 September, 2008 17:43

If I hear this idiot talk about how she sold the Alaskan Jet on ebay (even though she didn't), or how she opposed the bridge to nowhere (even though she supported it when she was running for governor, and still took the hundreds of millions of federal dollars), I'm going to scream.

Everytime I hear her talk it's just the same soundbytes from her convention speech. If the background scenery didn't change, I'd think they were playing it again. Yes, WE KNOW you stood up to the good ol' boys network in Alaska- whatever that means.

"In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers," she says. "And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change." Yeah, OK, but only 10% change, right, cuz he voted with Bush the other 90% of the time. Oh yeah, and Bush's speech writers WROTE HER SPEECH.

[Politics ] 09 September, 2008 17:41
Gov. Sarah Palin made her first potentially major gaffe during her time on the national scene while discussing the developments of the perilous housing market this past weekend.

Speaking before voters in Colorado Springs, the Republican vice presidential nominee claimed that lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had "gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers." The companies, as McClatchy reported, "aren't taxpayer funded but operate as private companies. The takeover may result in a taxpayer bailout during reorganization."


Economists and analysts pounced on the misstatement, which came before the government had spent funds bailing the two entities out, saying it demonstrated a lack of understanding about one of the key economic issues likely to face the next administration.

"You would like to think that someone who is going to be vice president and conceivable president would know what Fannie and Freddie do," said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. "These are huge institutions and they are absolutely central to our country's mortgage debt. To not have a clue what they do doesn't speak well for her, I'd say."

Added Andrew Jakabovics, an economic analyst for the progressive think tank, Center for American Progress: "It is somewhat nonsensical because up until yesterday there was sort of no public funding there. Even today they haven't drawn down any of the credit line they have given to Treasury. 'Gotten too big and too expensive' are two separate things. The too big has been a conservative mantra for a while and there is something to be said of that in that they hold about half of the mortgage guarantees that are out there. And in the last year they have been responsible for roughly 80 percent out there. The 'too expensive to tax payers,' I don't know where that comes from."

Even conservative analysts acknowledged that the statement simply did not hold true.

"Heretofore, if the treasury had a balance sheet there would have been a liability but there was never a taxpayer payment before [the bailout]," said Gerald P. O'Driscoll, an economist with the Cato Institute. "[Fannie and Freddie] were not taxpayer funded. They had taxpayer guarantee, which is worth something, especially in the stock market..."

The Palin misstatement comes as Fannie and Freddie are set to be placed under control of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, created by President Bush in late July to help regulate the two housing giants. Both presidential candidates have been critical of Fannie and Freddie but neither is opposed to the government's plans for the companies. The treasury is hoping that the government's role will help stabilize credit markets and incentive more mortgage lending.

"With the takeover they will be taxpayer funded," said O'Driscoll. "As I understand it they get to withdraw funds with permission going forward."

How politically significant a "gaffe" it is remains to be seen. The major concern about Palin's position on the ticket is that she lacks the economic and foreign policy wherewithal to serve as vice president. This certainly doesn't help on that front. At the same time, the remark went almost entirely unnoticed over the weekend and discussions on the developments of the housing market can be difficult to process for even the most attuned voter.

There are varying explanations that could be offered for Palin's defense. As O'Driscoll noted, both Fannie and Freddie "were hybrid institutions because they had private ownership but... an implicit government guarantee which people thought at the end of the day was explicit." Meanwhile, as Baker noted, as of July the two lenders were being offered low market interest rates by the fed again, theoretically, at the taxpayer's expense. But, he added, "I kind of doubt she had any sense of that."


[Personal ] 12 July, 2007 09:04

David VitterSen. David Vitter, R.-La, supporting a federal ban on gay marriage:

"It's often said, but it's very, very true,
and it is worth repeating -- marriage is truly
the most fundamental social institution in
human history."

OK so if it's that great, why would you employ the services of an escort???

Also, ironically, the quote above could easily be attributed to someone who is for gay marriage. Strange how the same phrase can be used to justify both sides of the argument.

[News/Opinion ] 11 July, 2007 17:29
So the executive branch now governs itself. The vice presidency has become the fourth branch of government. A religious fanatic is nominated for the federal government's top scientific post.
[General ] 11 July, 2007 16:51

Money PillsWhy is it that when I go to the doctor I have a $20 copay and patients on welfare pay $2. I have a job and pay alot for (really good) health insurance. It really doesn't give much incentive to people to get jobs that offer health insurance, or that pay above the poverty level. :(

Something is wrong with the American Healthcare System!


[Life ] 09 July, 2007 15:36

Change A Light

So I bought a six pack of compact flourescent bulbs for $10. The box claims I'll save $36 on electric within a year. It just kinda made sense to do. I was kinda worried that the lights wouldn't be bright enough in my bathroom, but to my surprise, they were brighter than the round bulbs in my bathroom vanity.

Checkout Live Earth for tips on saving money and the environment. :)


[News/Opinion ] 27 June, 2007 09:49
[News/Opinion ] 22 June, 2007 14:59


The iPhone comes out in a week, and with the anticipation also comes alot of doubts.

Apple announced that the screen will be made of optical glass, rather than the very easily scratched ipod material. Won't this be a problem though when the metal encased phone is dropped. Instead of just knicking the shock absorbent plastic, users will end up with unusable broken glass screens.

And I'm sure the interface is fabulous, but having used a touchscreen phone for a while, there are drawbacks. On my phone I have a full keyboard. I use it to text ALOT, as well as send emails, chat on AIM, etc. There is an onscreen keyboard: the buttons are too small and it takes up too much space on the screen. I can use it with a stylus, but to use my finger to control items on screen leaves it greasy and covered in fingerprints. Not to mention that holding the phone to my ear on a hot day can result in a layer of grime across the touchscreen. All I'm saying is that I'm glad I have the keyboard... with actual keys...

Another thing that I didn't realize when I switched from a flip phone to my 8125 was that it is not at all a one handed phone. I used to text and drive, or text at the bar... Don't think you're gonna take your iPhone to the club and hold a drink, smoke a cigarette and send a text message at the same time... You'll end up dropping it... see above for info on that one. lol

Also I think it's kind of bizarre that the iPhone doesn't have GPS technology built in. I have an external BlueTooth GPS reciever that works great. In the TV advertisements for the iPhone, they show Google Maps, and it locates seafood restaurants that are nearby... It doesn't show that you will have to first locate yourself on the map by using a zip code or address. Strange.

[News/Opinion ] 07 June, 2007 12:24

Dutch students develop powdered alcohol

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch students have developed powdered alcohol which they say can be sold legally to minors.

The latest innovation in inebriation, called Booz2Go, is available in 20-gramme packets that cost 1-1.5 euros (70 pence-1 pound).

Top it up with water and you have a bubbly, lime-coloured and -flavoured drink with just 3 percent alcohol content.


"We are aiming for the youth market. They are really more into it because you can compare it with Bacardi-mixed drinks," 20-year-old Harm van Elderen told Reuters.

Van Elderen and four classmates at Helicon Vocational Institute, about an hour's drive from Amsterdam, came up with the idea as part of their final-year project.

"Because the alcohol is not in liquid form, we can sell it to people below 16," said project member Martyn van Nierop.

The legal age for drinking alcohol and smoking is 16 in the Netherlands.

In Germany, alcopops -- sweet drinks containing alcohol and in powder form -- caused quite a stir when launched on to the market. Alcohol powder, classified as a flavouring, was sold in the United States three years ago.

The students said companies interested in making the product commercially could avoid taxes because the alcohol was in powder form. A number of companies are interested, they said.

[Life ] 05 June, 2007 17:00

Ryan got back from New York last night and I picked him up at the airport. I was so excited to see him. :) I missed him alot, though he was only gone for a week, I'd gotten used to seein' him every day.

[Life ] 04 June, 2007 15:38

So this post is gonna be me venting about alot of things. I had an OK weekend. Shane left on Thursday for a cruise with his coworkers. I thoroughly enjoyed having the house all to myself, and got alot done.

On Friday I was tired and feeling kinda ill, but Patrick and Eric wanted me to go out with them. I eventually decided to go. So I drove over to Patrick's and bought some beer for them on the way over. Robert was out of town for the weekend, so I thought it would be a good time to hang out with just Patrick. He's always joking that if they broke up I'd never come to hang out with him.

Anyways, we went to Christopher St. Pub and it was sink or swim there. For some reason Patrick had the brilliant idea to go to Chambers. We went there and I paid for him and I to get in. He only wanted to stay for one drink though, and then he wanted to go to the male room. When we got to the male room, patrick told me that Ryan had said something to him (that i will not mention here), that was upsetting. I text messaged Ryan and he called me back, refuted what had been told to me, and telling me the only time he had talked to Patrick before he left was when I was with him. Patrick had called me and then asked to talk to Ryan.

So basically Patrick, my friend, who I trust, told me a flat out lie to make me upset and angry with my boyfriend. There is more to the story than that though...  (More)

[News/Opinion ] 04 June, 2007 12:25

So I watched the Democratic Candidates debate last night on CNN and a couple things stood out and I thought were worth mentioning. First of all, I was impressed that there was a discussion about universal healthcare for Americans. I'm not sure that we're really ready for a Canadian Style healthcare system, but I was just surprised that it was being talked about at all by the mainstream candidates.

Bill Richardson, Governer, New MexicoSecondly, I was surprised that Hillary made a comment about the military dismissing arabic linguists because they were gay. While discussing the Don't ask, don't tell policy, all candidates raised their hand in favor of repealing the policy. Bill Richardson, added that he supports equal rights for gays and lesbians. Now, I was 'watching' the debate, which really meant I was listening to it while I was making dinner. I had to go rewind to see who had said it. I was actually pretty shocked by his statement. So I visited Richardson's website and read more about his platform on Iraq, healthcare, equal rights, etc.

Also, he has a pretty funny commercial out right now that you can view here: http://action.richardsonforpresident.com/page/s/jobinterview

[Life ] 30 May, 2007 12:18

May is almost over. Wow, it's crazy how fast it went by. I've been dating an awesome guy, Ryan. I spend a lot of time with him, he's awesome.

Though he's gone to NY for vacation. I dropped him off at the airport on Saturday morning, and have been kinda bored and lonely since. Trying to keep myself occupied, but it still sucks.

I went to the beach on Sunday and now have a nice tan and I'm hoping I can keep it for a while this time. Last time I went to the beach I got too much sun on my back and all of it ended up pealing, leaving me a little bit spotted. Sunset Beach was so packed when I was there, it was kinda crazy. I went there and met up with Patrick and Robert. Their friend Eric came just as we were leaving. Afterwards I had to go home to eat and shower off all the sand.

Bug Movie PosterWe had planned to meet at Baywalk to see Bug, but Patrick was running late, so I went over there and rode over with them. The movie was so awful. It was terribly boring, and I found myself laughing at parts that I felt were supposed to be scary or disturbing. The acting was soooo overdone. It was just bad. Bad Bad Bad. I wanted my $7 back... :-(

[General ] 16 May, 2007 11:27

Jerry Falwell dead

Ding-Dong, the witch is dead. ;)

[News/Opinion ] 09 May, 2007 17:52
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